By now you are probably familiar with Benjamin Creme and Share International, a non profit organization with offices in London and Amsterdam, which has for decades been disseminating information regarding the coming arrival of Lord Maitreya.

On their website they state.

Creme, the public spokesman for this organization has been reported to have made several pronouncements since 1982, claiming that Maitreya had appeared a number of times on popular TV chat shows without revealing his true identity. This in addition to the claimed sighting of Maitreya in Nairobi Kenya in 1988.

However one of Creme's most infamous pronouncements occurred in January 2010. On January 10th 2010, Creme stated that the Maitreya was about to appear on a popular TV chat show in the United States. This statement was followed on January 12th by the arrival of the economist Raj Patel who appeared in the US on the TV show The Colbert Report, to promote his book, The Value of Nothing. If you knew anything about Patel at the time you would have known that he was a fast rising journalist, author and socialism activist, with a significant objective of addressing the world food crisis and bringing an end to inequality and suffering across the world.

Patel was identified as this messiah by Creme's followers as he seemed to have fulfilled Creme's previous predictions about the physical features of the Maitreya to come such as the fact he would be dark skinned, have a great oratary and would be a champion of humanitarian needs. Additionally, since the early 1970s, Creme had said that the Maitreya would have a stutter which Patel does. Creme had also predicted that the Messiah would deny his status, which reinforced his followers' belief in Patel's divine status as Patel denied having anything to do with being a Messiah or someone of divine origins. However Patel's religious background is hindu which has fuelled the viral spread of this debate since much of Share International's philosophy is heavily influenced by eastern religion.

The Jesus We Have Been Taught To Know!

Whilst this whole incident may seem farcical it does nothing other than to bring tremendous publicity and attention to Share International. Now as a Christian you may be wondering what all the fuss is about but understand this. Look at these pictures below.

These are images of Jesus that you would have been familiar with especially growing up as a young child. Have you ever questioned how did these images first come into existence and how do we know they are true visual representations of the Jesus of Nazareth who was born of the virgin Mary over 2000 years ago? Question yourself....How do you believe these pictures first started appearing?

Many ancient accounts of a person’s life give us a hint of the person’s physical appearance. For example, the Old Testament tells us that King David was ruddy and handsome. But the New Testament never goes near the question “What did Jesus look like?”

It is in the Roman catacombs that we see our first representations of Jesus. But could they, in Rome, know the answer to the question “What did Jesus really look like?” There in Rome he was initially depicted as a beardless shepherd. By the fourth century, Jesus is shown with a beard, as we often see him represented today. However the representations of Jesus as a Caucasian rather than  a middle eastern looking man could have been influenced by the anti-semitism that was breeding in Europe towards the Jews for their rejection of Christ. We all know about the Catholic inquisition and how millions of Jews were slaughtered or forced to adopt Catholicism and so naturally, representations of Jesus during this era were purposely watered down in terms of possible Jewish features so as to minimize the Jewish heritage of the Christian faith. In some paintings you will even see Jesus with blonde hair and blue eyes.

So Why The Fuss You Ask?

Take a look at the images below. These are images that Share International and the followers of Theosophy believe is Lord Sananda, an ascended Master who came to earth as Jesus Christ 2000 years ago and who is coming again in the future. Note that this Lord Sananda mirrors the same features that have been used to represent Jesus Christ in the Christian Church in the last 2000 years. This is how they believe he looks in his original form although they believe when he comes he may manifest himself in a physical body with a different appearance to avoid the obvious connections.

Now this is the crux of the matter and you really have to clear your mind of everything and listen to what I have to say.

Because millions of people across the world believe that Jesus looks like the Jesus we have been taught to know, imagine what would happen in the future if this Lord Sananda actually does turn up and makes an appearance on this earth....You guess right.....Millions of Christians would believe that this is the Second Coming of Christ, especially if this so called Lord Sananda shows up performing incredible miracles and signs and wonders.

Now for those of you who think you could never be fooled by this...This is my point......Not everyone is like YOU. For every 1 person that thinks they could never be deceived there are 100 people who would be deceived. The question is not that you yourself wouldn't be deceived, the issue is that the majority of Christians WOULD BE deceived because they have been so conditioned to think of Jesus as looking a certain way that when this Lord Jesus Sananda makes an appearance, it would literally cause mayhem within Christendom.

Which then begs the question, whether the historical painting and depictions of Jesus Christ have been part of an actual Satanic elaborate mastermind to ingrain a particular view about how Jesus looks, so that when the false messiah comes with prominent Christian Leaders affirming he is the Messiah, that the Christian World at large will be thrown into an utter state of confusion and anarchy (as no doubt you will be there trying to warn your Christian brother about the fact this is a huge deception).

If this kind of subject really resonates with you in terms of a need to understand who the true Jesus is, then Maitreya Disclosures below will be something you will really enjoy. Benjamin Creme, Raj Patel, Lord Sananda, Religious Unification, the World Council of Churches, Chrislam, the Purpose Driven Movement controversy. Its all in this incredible package disclosing the true nature about the Maitreya movement and why their seemingly publicity blunders serve another purpose.

See below for details.

1. Maitreya Disclosures

MODERN DAY MAITREYA - (120 MINUTES):  In 2010 Benjamin Creme posted an article in the Guardian Online in response to a statement put forward by UK political activist, Raj Patel who had disclosed how a series of coincidences led to his receiving "a trickle, then a flood, of email" asking whether he was Maitreya, the World Teacher, whose coming had been predicted by Benjamin Creme for 35 years [We don't need a messiah (and anyway, it isn't me), 12 April].

How did this case of mistaken identity occur? or was this another embarrassing moment for Share International in seeking to associate the identity of Maitreya to a public figure? What does Creme mean when he says "Maitreya is already speaking to millions on US television, and his ideas and energies are inspiring many with new hope, and the resolve to change their lives for the better?" A fantastic insight into the phenomena of the modern day Maitreya's.

RELIGIOUS UNIFICATION - (120 MINUTES):  Religious pluralism is a powerful global force. It is about the many religions of our world determining where they can unite together, what beliefs they have in common, and to accept the differences between them. Similarly we have religious relativism. In other words, all religions are relative to each other - they are all valid as each other - truth is found within each of them. The deepest form of pluralism would be syncretism, where essentially the religions are so unified together, they act as though they are one and the same thing, where the differences do no matter - a spiritual merging and blurring has occurred. This is the most fearful end of religious pluralism.

This is a powerful DVD documentary which seeks to uncover the sinister and twisted agenda of the interfaith movement and how it specifically is targeting so called Christian Champions from the evangelical movements to help further its cause!

SANANDA: THE OTHER JESUS - (120 MINUTES): According to the new age movement, Jesus Christ is known as Sananda in the inner planes. He is the Master of the sixth ray, the ray of abstract idealism and devotion, which is indigo. During His incarnation as Jesus, He was a high priest in the order of Melchizedek and was overshadowed during His life by Lord Maitreya. He also had lives as Adam, Enoch, Jeshua, Joshua, Elijah and Joseph of Egypt. He works with Archangel Uriel to bring peace, brotherhood, service and freedom to people. This belief system sharply conflicts with the biblical view of who Jesus Christ was as the Son of God who existed within the Godhead prior to the incarnation. However the association of Jesus Sananda with paintings and depictions of Jesus Nazareth is leading to a blurring of the boundaries between the biblical Jesus and the Jesus of the new age movement. This DVD highlights the need for being alert to the rise of the "other jesus".

As a DVD package you can sit and watch this with friends and family and have significant debate and discussion over the content of these 3 DVDs

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